Take the Next Step

slider2newYou landed that executive or leadership role, and although you excel, you find that something just isn’t right. There’s that little nagging voice in the back of your mind telling you that there must be something more.

You’re looking for something that can bring you more fulfillment at the end of each day; that could be in the form of more challenges and responsibility, or maybe it’s just a question of finding more passion. You’re locked in the box of “what is,” where you’re safe–and you’re afraid to unlock it and create uncertainty. But, you can’t discover “what’s next” if you stay confined inside that box.

Deep down, you know you need to break out of that box so you can get back to enjoying a career that fills you with passion, uses your creativity and maximizes your impact.

You just need to identify your needs, your expectations and your vision so you can break free from that box and Take the Next Step!

Using a combination of psychotherapy and psychology strategies, professional coaching, personal development and other tools that are chosen specifically for your individual situation, I will help you define your purpose and passion, be mindful in finding the direction and plan that will refocus your career in a fulfilling way.

Set yourself free to achieve new goals, create growth and transcend the “what is.”
Over a six-month period, we will have 12 sessions that are completely client-driven to set goals, create action plans and follow-through until each goal is achieved.

For clients who want to Take the Next Step more quickly, a three-month intensive (12 sessions over three-months) is offered; or for those who need additional guidance over a longer period, a complete year of support (24 sessions) is also available.

Ready to unlock that box, jump outside, and discover what’s next? Let’s Take the Next Step!