Meet Lydia

Lydia Willems

Lydia Willems

For me, coaching is about empowerment and bgamechangerreakthroughs that result in desired achievements and personal success. What defines that success is unique to each individual as they move along their leadership path and find the balance between their executive careers and their personal lives that brings true fulfilment. It changes the game.


I’m both a certified psychotherapist and certified leadership coach and intuitive with almost 20 years experience in Human Development and Performance, and combine these with my business certificate and certifications in energy therapies, vibrational arts and hypnotherapy to provide an all-encompassing base to my coaching programs.


I believe in integrity, sensitivity, and non-judgement. I believe that the building of one’s confidence, behaviours, values, boundaries, beliefs, self-love–is instrumental in achieving personal and professional success. Many personal experiences from my own life–from living with a depressed parent, to becoming an overwhelmed wife and parent myself and having a disconnected spouse, to being unfulfilled in my job–resulted in my own quest to find that sense of peace, of belonging, of being valued, and of making a difference.


When our values, our beliefs, our achievements and our behaviours all tie together, it allows us to live our lives successfully and with purpose. Whether it’s about starting anew or taking the next steps on our upward trajectory, many of us need help along the way. That’s why I became a leadership success coach–to help you find your way to your own definition of “the top.”


I can help you make the changes you need to break out of the box that keeps you from reaching your potential. Let’s start solving one of your key problems right now. Book a Free Discovery Session, and let’s start changing your life.
~ Lydia Willems