Lead With Resilience


You’ve made it — you’re a top-level executive, and you earned it! But now that you have so much responsibility on your shoulders, you find yourself struggling. You don’t have the support you need to manage everything, and while you should be enjoying your view from the top, you’re feeling downtrodden. You want to know your efforts are making a valuable difference.
You need to bounce back — but how? Build a tougher mindset and a sense of resilience that will help you grow from the experiences that leadership demands. Find the resources you need that will help relieve the pressure, make the decisions easier ones to make.
You’ll be more mindful and engaged with greater clarity and a greater commitment to business and personal success. That will help you find the balance you need to return to that place of motivation that made you want to be a leader in the first place, and you’ll inspire and influence those around you as you Lead With Resilience.


Using a combination of psychotherapy and psychology strategies, professional coaching, personal development and other tools that are chosen specifically for your individual situation, I will help you build resilience and implement personal and behavioural shifts that will allow you to be more supported and gain greater satisfaction in the personal and professional aspects of your life.

Once you allow some weight to be lifted by setting boundaries and priorities, and focusing on a well-rounded state of well-being, you’ll enjoy business and personal successes without sacrifice.
Over a six-month period, we will have 12 sessions that are completely client-driven to set goals, create action plans and follow-through until each goal is achieved.


For clients who want to Lead With Resilience more quickly, a three-month intensive (12 sessions over three-months) is offered; or for those who need additional guidance over a longer period, a complete year of support (24 sessions) is also available.
Ready to be finally be the master of your personal and professional success, and Lead With Resilience? Let’s get started!