Ways to Enhance Creativity

Everyone knows that being creative makes us happier and healthier. Most people think of creativity regarding writing a novel or painting a masterpiece, but experts say that creativity can mean anything from the way we carry ourselves to the kind of foods we eat.

In this article, we are going to look at ways to enhance creativity.

  1. Be different: Be different from what is widely accepted as normal. Ask questions and share what you have in your mind. Thinking creatively is about thinking outside the box. Do not be limited. Let go of any fear that people might consider your ideas either right or wrong. Say what you want to say, especially if you believe that you have an important point to make.
  1. Be creative: Creativity is not merely natural, it is something that you have to learn and train for every day. No painter, novelist, musician, or filmmaker have ever built a career simply by sitting down and letting the ideas flow. All these people worked on their creativity, learning new things and coming up with new creative ideas. Creative ideas come from creative work.
  1. Be curious: Look up anything you do not know. Learn new skills, read books that have always interested you. Start conversations with people that interest you. The more resources you store up in your head, the more creative you become.
  1. Get enough rest, water and food: You can never be creative when you are tired. When you are drained, you are less likely to produce any radical idea. Go for a short sleep or tea break to unwind. You only think better when your mind is fresh, that’s when you come up with creative ideas quickly. The brain cells need glucose to work right. Take chocolates, sweets, or some snacks.
  1. Embrace different array of influence, even those not related to your field. When you are truly involved with many things, it can help you to become extremely creative. Creativity is all about connecting the unexpected gaps – e.g., taking influences from architecture and sciences into art.
  1. Relax: Creative ideas do not come every minute of every day, that is okay. If you try to force creativity, then you can well block it. Do not fight yourself for ideas; they come naturally when you do the right things. Learn to relax in no-noise areas, and the ideas will eventually come.
  1. Visualization: The most important thing to achieving what you want—be it a healthier body or increased confidence – lies in your ability to visualize it. Most scientists agree that we experience real-world and imaginary actions in the same ways. Whether we climb the mountain or just picture it, the same neural networks are activated—Use this to your advantage in many respects. For example, imagining yourself doing some movements can help you get better at them.
  1. Intuitive Creativity: Intuition is not all about the mind but the body too. Intuition combines and integrates the memories and sensory together with the mind as an integrated whole. Your body is part of the program that gives you clear indications as to whether something is true or false. The intuition may give you a direct and immediate sense to identify if a particular situation will lead to tragedy or success. From this, we can say that intuition is some kind of wisdom state which helps us reads situations and let us know the possible outcomes.
  1. Journaling: Keeping a journal has many clear benefits. Journaling can help your personal growth and development. When you regularly record your thoughts you can gain insight into your behaviors and moods.

Journaling may be used for problem-solving and stress reduction. It has been shown to improve mental and physical health. Also, It can lead to increased self-esteem.

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