It Takes a Certain Kind of Person to Lead

It’s a very critical position and role to fill and a leader can have the greatest influence to the success within a business, industry or cooperation. Leaders may by nature or by personal development, have some of the following characters that make them a great Leader. They generally are results driven, risk takers, visionaries, resourceful, high achievers, driven, determined, focused, self-aware, motivated and influential. Even when the role is bestowed upon a person, in order to succeed, one must accept that, Leadership is power for the good or the bad and it’s vital that all Leaders understand the influence and impact of that power.

Every business owner, entrepreneur’s, CEO, C-series executives, top performing managers and leads must come to understand the importance of adopting the mindset and attitude of Leadership, to accept its potential, to be consciously aware of the higher purpose, to expand and  create,  to become  your best, to connect, engage and collaborate with the purpose of contribution.

In accepting this power, one must accept responsibility, be accountable and be the visionary for the future.

Leaders cannot do it alone.  Leaders need followers. To be transparent I dislike the word” followers “. Though out history people have been taken advantaged of and controlled by leaders who believe in power over.  After 35 years of working with people and helping leaders over the last 16 years as a psychotherapist  and business coach,  I have seen great leaders inspire and motivate  their people to be empowered collaborator`s.  Their people become more empowered, full engagement, contribute fully and work at their full potential.   True Leadership success comes when your people willingly and eagerly follow you because they trust you and they feel safe.

My job as a leader is to make sure everybody in the company has great opportunities that they feel they’re having a meaningful impact and are contributing to the good of society.” Larry Page CEOP of Alphabet Inc.

So the fact that all Leaders must have collaborators, some very important questions should be reflected on before one step into Leadership.

Can you be effective in influencing another? Do you have the capability to have an effect on the character, development and or behaviour of employees?

Your influence changes people. How will you impact, determine, guide, shape, control, decide, resolve, determine the many choices necessary to influence for the purpose of the vision?

What are you personally doing to grow, learn, expand, create, transform and develop a better you, to contribute as the best you, both personally and professionally?

The power of your influence comes from the power within you but for many its untouched treasures never to be found. Great Leaders look to the future for opportunity.  To move into the future we all must keep evolving, growing, expanding our businesses though people.  We all want our businesses to thrive therefore we must grow and develop both employees and their Leaders..  All great Leaders have at some time, if not though out their career, have pursued guidance from coaches, mentors, counsellors, advisers, confidantes who support and influence them. The stronger the leader the stronger the influence so is also true,  the better the leader the better the results.

Great Vision

Every powerful influential leader develops and creates a great vision. They inspire others to work to the future. They determine what matters most.

A vision communicates a purpose to serve, core values, intention, direction, future aspiration, goals, direction, a plan for the future,

If a leader is to inspire, they need to hold a grand vision.  It must be compelling, full of ambition, riddled with passion, lots of questions, possibilities and potential.   Its future focused, clear, purposeful, is value driven, distinctive, innovative, full of energy and passion. It becomes a force that drives the people forward relentlessly.

“Life is too short to do mediocre work and its definitely too short to build worthless thing’s.’ Stewart Butlerfield, Co-founder  CEO of Radio Shack.

Vision is a Leaders road map to purpose, results and success.

Is your vision compelling enough to drive a collective force of humans to collaborate and synergize resources to make the vision real?

Know Yourself, Know People

 “If we win the hearts and minds of employees, were going to have better business success” Mary Baria CEO of General Motors.

The only true power in the world is the power within. Everything we need is within us and a Leader has the ability to see the power, abilities and potential of others as they provide the opportunity to grow and develop their people.

The question that comes to mind for me is, can a leader be an effective leader if they themselves do not develop and grow their self-awareness, values and strengths?

Leaders of tomorrow will need all of themselves to come to the table to do the job than ever before.  Leaders who can ride the wave to the future. In the past leaders controlled people and had power over them and this worked, but today`s leaders won’t succeed if they share this old paradigm. We need the power of synergy that comes from a collective connected force of people. Leaders cannot do it alone, never could but for sure not in today’s world.

This world is changing fast and we all are going to need to do things differently. Gone is the day one could sit back and slide into a comfort zone. Today any comfort zone becomes the dead zone, a place where nothing new lives.

Empowerment comes from becoming self-aware, mindful, intuitive, creative, innovative, and curious, together with strong values, tenacity, resilience, fearlessness, and belief, courage, strength, fairness, determination, transparency, truthfulness, commitment, engagement, and being in the present  with an eye to the future.  As a leader develops and grows so does those he influences.

`The way to make the biggest difference is to change mainstream behavior` Lynn Jurich-Co-Founder and CEO of Sunrum

For  Leaders, people are their greatest assess or their greatest nightmare. Leaders have the power to change both dynamics and with awareness and ability to create this change, what they do with their people will become their greatest legacy.

People are the only thing really worth fighting for and if you were a great Leader today, you would say, ‘My people are worth fighting for.`

If people are your greatest assess, what are you are doing as their Leader to help them grow and develop all of who they can be`.

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