Building Leaders for the Future

Leadership is the product of different factors. Influence is chief among them. Good leaders now that the major part of their job is how to influence others towards the desired goal. But how can leaders be able to know the right way of directing those under them? How can they tell that they are set along the correct path, especially when there is more than one viable way forward? Lastly, how will they know if they have arrived at the right destination or not?

One of the most successful methods to leading others is to lead from a high set of values. Values are the main components of a person’s inmost beliefs, all the ideas they hold dear, the concepts that drive their decision making. the leader who takes the tie to identify his deepest values is more likely to make satisfying decisions and remain consistent in his action and choices. Also, if he is active in articulating his values, then those he leads will understand his reasoning and, more often than not, be more prepared to support his process.

Good leaders mobilize people around a sound vision of the future, and inspire the people to follow in the leaders footsteps. These leaders show their people what is possible and help motivate them in making those possibilities a reality. Influential leaders lead by designing new ways of thinking or acting and by encouraging new ways of looking at problems. Influential leaders are mentors, teachers and role models – and they succeed in the vast majority of their work through influence, not authority.

The leaders job is to become excellent at influencing and motivating their people to help and assist them in realizing their goals and solving their problems. All effective leaders have mastered the art of getting other people to work for them in accomplishing t heir aims and objectives. Leaders need to learn these skills to be able to achieve personal power and to master the art of influencing their people.

Influence as an Important Tool for Effective Leadership

Influential leaders learn how to persuade others and develop themselves by knowing that there are only two ways one can get things done in life: by doing it himself or have other do it for him. The leaders’ ability to persuade, communicate, negotiate, delegate, influence and interact meaningfully with other people, will enable him to develop leverage with other people’s efforts, other people’s money and other people’s knowledge. Personal development is critical in helping the leader to e come powerful and influential in his organization.

The leader’s use of influence and persuasion is an important tool in moving the organization and people forward, and inspiring others to reach well above their borders and to create motivated teams. Effective leaders know how to help their people build trust and responsibility through the effective use of influence and persuasion.

It does not matter what your organizational position or the types of clients and customers you have, a big part of your success as a leader depends on how you influence and persuade people to work for you.

How Personal Development Helps the Leader to Influence People

Some leaders seem like they were born to succeed. They are gifted intellectually, physically or artistically, and it seems as if they do not have to do any work to get to the top.

This is not true. No matter how gifted someone may be, he or she still need to develop those talents to achieve success. This is good news for everyone! WE all have our skills and talents, all we need to do is develop them and propel ourselves into leadership positions.

All successful leaders with influence are persuasion experts. They give a lot of thought on how to influence and get other people to help them. Every action is well planned out. Their goals are defined clearly, and they choose the people needed to achieve these aims. Their goals of persuasion and influence are achieved indirectly.

An important key to persuasion is motivation. Something motivates all our actions as human beings. A leader learns how to persuade others by finding out what motivates the people and providing it. Humans have two primary motivations: the want for gain, and the fear of losing. our desire for gain drives us to want more of the things of value in life. We want more success, money, influence, more health, more love, more respect, and more happiness. A good leader must learn how to exploit these wants to gain influence on his people.

Human beings wants are limited only by their imagination. It does not matter how much we have; we still want more and more. An influential leader can convince the people that they can get more of the things they want by helping the leader achieve their goals.

How a Leader can Persuade Others Through Leverage

Management has been defined as “getting things done through others.” To be a good leader, you must improve your personal development and learn how to persuade and influence other people to work for a common interest. This is why all excellent leaders do not force people to do things. Instead, they influence people to accept certain responsibilities. If you persuade a person rather than force him to do a certain job, he is more likely to do the job well, and he accepts ownership and the result.

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